Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?

carmen sandiego

To begin my project into Self, I had to decide how to pick Countries to explore.  I followed a thought process that had to do with Tarot cards.  I have a client that likes to work with lots of Gods and Goddesses and she would come to me with pages and pages of names to see who would work with her.  This is extremely time consuming, however, I found a way to streamline it.  I would pull cards until an upright Major Arcana card came up.  1 – 21 would be the equivalent of A – U.  The Fool (Zero card) would represent letters V, W, X, Y, Z.  If the Fool came up, I would individually do a “yes/no spread”* for each of those 5 letters.

tarot clockWith this thought process I decided to use an App that is on my iPhone called TarotClock.  As I get older, it’s getting harder to see the time at the top of the phone and needed a bigger display, lol.  Anyway, it will give you a card a day, either upright or reversed with the meaning.  I decided that I would a similar system, Major Arcana 1-21 for A -U, Fool for V, Y, Z (no countries with W or X on my list).  I will use Minor Arcana with Numerology to pick a country.  As an example, if the 4 of Wands came up, that would be equal to D, M, or V (D is 4th letter, M is 13th letter, V is 22nd letter).  So I ready to start, go to my App, open it up and get the Queen of Wands.  Crap.  LOL.  I didn’t make a plan for the Court Cards.  I go online, find a site that shows countries that have Queens and picked the first country.   Antigua and Barbuda go together and Queen Elizabeth is their reigning Monarch.

As from my previous post, I am looking for stories of making:queen of wands - page
hungry people not hungry,
hurting people not hurt,
lonely people not alone,
victimized people not victimized,
invisible people feel seen.
bullied people feel protected.
grieving people feel comforted.

In addition, I am looking for unjust laws, occult practices (good or bad)  and tourist attractions or reasons to visit. During this time I also want to find volunteer opportunities where I can make a difference.

September 12th, 2015

Antigua and Barbudaantiguan flag

These countries are islands in the West Indies, located east of Puerto Rico and north of Trinidad and Tobago.  Because they are so small, so is the information to be found. My first find, however, was about a women from the West Indies. Felicia-Browne1Her name is Felicia Brown and the article I found is titled, “Felicia Brown really asks: Are women tough enough for the rough and tumble of Politics?”  I quote her as saying, “…differences should be discussed in terms of opinion and political stance, not by bullying because of gender…”  Most of her pictures are head shots, but when I found the above picture, I was delited.lost art of Felica Browne 001 lost art of Felica Browne 002

Other searches on that name came up with surprize.  Not from Antigua, but there was an English woman named Felicia Browne that was the first British casualty in the Spanish Civil War.  There’s also an abstract about her at, The Lost Art of Felicia Browne.

antigua environmentNext article that I found was about climate change.  Antigua has a Botanical Garden and just last week sponsored Climatefest.  In the news, A call to Embrace Renewable Energy.  A quote from this article, “‘We live in a tropical climate where the sun shines just about every day, an inexhaustible source of energy, the technology is available, but the question is, why have we not embrace that technology seriously, in order to reduce the cost of living in Antigua and Barbuda’, Minister Joseph questioned.”

In doing research on the Occult/Witchcraft/Paganism I came across a law created in 1904 that is still in effect.

The Leeward Islands Obeah Act, passed in 1904, was largely modeled on the Jamaican Obeah Law of 1898. It applied to Anguilla, Antigua, Barbuda, Montserrat, Nevis, St Kitts, and the British Virgin Islands, and remains the basis of the law in several of these territories.

6. Any person who pretends or professes to tell fortunes, or uses any subtle craft, means or device, by palmistry or otherwise, or pretends to cure injuries or disease, to intimidate or effect any purpose by means of any charm, incantation or other pretended supernatural practice, shall be liable to be imprisoned for any period not exceeding six months.

Lastly was my own guilty pleasure, Lobster.  I remember when I was 5 years old, lobstermy grandparents would take me and my brother to Snuffy’s for a Sunday dinner.  Me and my grandmother would share a bucket of steamed clams and then I would order Lobster tail.  Of course I had no idea how much it costs, but it remains one of my favorite meals.  In Antigua, there is a company called Creole Cruises, and they offer a Lobster Lunch Cruise.  This is now on my bucket list.

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 5.59.13 PMWith Antigua and Barbuda researched, I began looking for volunteer activities.  I wasn’t having any luck when I received an email from the realty company I work with.  I had the day off, the email came in the morning saying that an event was at 3 pm. I got on my ‘get dirty’ clothes and headed to NYC East Village.  The part of the city I was in really needed a bit of gardening and many people walking that day thanked us for doing it.  They are doing it again next Monday to add Daffodil bulbs.  I think I’ll go.gary nyc park 001

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